Models, paintings and mecha

1/35 scale HDM-07 “BRIEGEL I” (painted), 2005

This one is first version i’ve painted in 2007 and appears on several magazines all over the Worls, like Fantasy Art Magazine, HobbyWorld, ModelTime, Art du Modélisme, etc.. (se “pubblications” section if you like to see more. I’ve painted it with “hairspray & salt” technique, airbrush and oil washes.

If you like to see more about this build, please see ModelTime N.130-135 (courtesy of Auriga Publishing) in “Pubblications” section.

About the model: this design borns in 2005 as a pencil drawing i did in a very early winter morning (see Robot Sketch section) and then became reality in a 4-5 months of hard sculpting work. This design, like all the others, is in everlasting refreshing (the master received many changes during the years) but remains one of the favourite of mine. First kit release came out under Kallamity Productions in 2006, 2007, 2009 and with Industria Mechanika partnership in 2014. Briegel now is 30 cm (12 inches) to shoulders and the kit is composed by more than 200 resin parts.

The master (prototype) was made out of Milliput Superfine, Plasticard, Evergreen bars, model kit parts and common every-day-objects, all melted together with Epoxy Putty and super-glue. He got lots of modifications during the years and was limited-producted many time as a resin kit for Kallamity Productions.