1/144 scale “SCHNABELGUN 2002

This design borns in 2002 as a tribute to one of my favourite mech of one of my favourite Mech-Designer: Makoto Kobayashi’s “Neo-Geo” (a heavier variant of his “The-O”). At that time i worked as an archeologist and name came from a type of vessel: the “Schnabelkanne”. This name sonded immediately good to me and i thought to put “Gun” in the composite-word.

The master (prototype) was made out of Milliput Superfine, Plasticard, Evergreen bars, model kit parts and common every-day-objects, all melted together with Epoxy Putty and super-glue. This was the first  kit to be produced (in 2002) out of a scratchbuild model of mine. He got lots of modifications during the years and was limited-producted many time as a resin kit for Kallamity Productions.