1/144 scale “BOWER” (painted), 2008

The “Bower” model born in a weird way. In 2002 my friend Paolo Parente was Art Director of great Rackham (France) and was involved in a Sci-Fi table game and asked some Front Mission-style designs to me. Bower was the result of this collaboration, even if unfortunately it never came out. After some year, in 2006 i had the permission to produce a heavily modified version of that original master of this beautiful small mech (11 cm/4 inches tall) as a resin kit under Kallamity brand. This one is the first copy i’ve painted in 2008 with airbrush for main acrylic coats, oil washes and pigments.

The master (prototype) was made out of Milliput Superfine, Plasticard, Evergreen bars, model kit parts and common every-day-objects, all melted together with Epoxy Putty and super-glue. He got lots of modifications during the years and was limited-producted many time as a resin kit for Kallamity Productions.