Tomas Chmelik's SchnabelGun


My name is Tomas Chmelik and I am from the Czech Republic. I started building kits as a child at around 11. I started by a typical way of an average modeller – building airplane kits, that were available at that time in our country (one has to remember that it was more than 20 years ago and that there was an iron curtain between east and west, so modellers on the east side were dependant mainly on local (I mean eastern bloc) production of kits, with some exemptions in the form of old Revell kits available sometimes in our shops or other kits available on swap meets). However, this changed quite quickly after the fall of the eastern bloc and nowadays, Czech Republic is quite a standard country from the modeller’s point of view. Since that time, my preferences have changed a little, but still I am building mainly aircraft kits in all three main scales – 1:72, 1:48 (mainly) and 1:32. However, time to time you need a change in your hobby life and this was the reason why I started to build sci-fi kits occasionally. They range from a standard production of kits such as Star Wars to quite challenging garage kits of unusual subjects – like a Schnabelgun. I must admit that I am a fan of sci-fi movies and what I like on kits is the fact that you can leave your imagination fly and build or modify your kit as much as you like. No need to keep an eye on real facts, historical markings or to which extend your kit represents the real thing. Instead, one can focus on painting, weathering and generally bringing a desired “mood” or interesting concept to your modelling project. Modelling should be fun in the first place, shouldn’t it?