Francesco Benedettini's Bower

Name: Francesco Benedettini

About me:

I growed as a modeller trying to emulate Mr. Francois Verlinden style.
Today "washes & drybrush" could be outmoded but in early days of my modelling "career" I was trying to paint some light color on raised details of my 1/35 tanks.
In the '80 Sheperd Paine's "How to Build dioramas" opened my eyes.
I had great fun with tanks, figures and airplanes but the need to follow instructions and the need to replicate every detail soon wasn't a challenge for me, instead I perceived it like a limit for my pleasure.
I understood that modeling isn't the mere representation of reality in scale but could be considered a form of art: the representation of reality through the modeller's eyes.
Changing to "fantasy" genre was spontaneous but the widespread Games Workshop or Bandai Gundam models were so boring!
There were the years of Internet 1.0 and I begun surfing the web looking for some kind of inspiration I feel I need but I don't know how call it.
(Meanwhile there was "Evangelion" on MTV Italy for the first time!)
What I discovered could be express with the word: "WOW!!"
Kondo, Kobajashi, Nirasawa, Yokoyama... simply amazing! It's a shame everything happened 
in Japan in the '80 and I discovered it in Italy in the '90  >_<
I really love the visionary power of this genre; I can't call it "fantasy", it is a form of art with its evocative power.
Naturally I can't consider myself an artist but only a craftsman; from time to time I have the luck to complete some intriguing model.

The Bower:I'm not a big fan of this kind of mechadesign but I really love nice models and when I saw "The Bower" assembled but still unpainted in Luca's workshop showcase was love at the first sight.The casting is good and details abundant, even on soles!  I choose to add some Option Parts anyhow and a little lens in the monoeye.